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WorkBench Magazine March/April 1967

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Here we go again folks! Another fine old classic publication from our collection of 1960's Workbench Magazine. As you all know by now, the old Workbench is gone, defunct, non existent, I contacted the new Workbench and they could care less if we post these old plans and articles.

For this edition we went ahead and scanned:

Chest on Chest, not really a plan but more of a study.

Clock Spice Rack

Dolls Tree House

Early American Candle Stand

Galloping Glider

Glass Table Top

Novel Shelf

Old Fashioned Swing

Portable Cold Frame, this is for cold country, it's a mini green house.

Roll-a-Round Wall Storage

Sip and Smoke Stand

Spanish Style Table

Spinning Wheel Part 1

Telephone Bench, my favorite!!

Wall Telephone Shelf

Weather Vane Lamp


You can download the PDF's of the first 3 plans below and you can go to our Free Plans and Drawings Page to access all the PDF's. Scroll down that page till you see the area for Workbench Plans.

Now remember folks, these plans assume you have a certain minimum skill set, these are not skill builders nor do they instruct you on technique, yet they do provide a schematic and parts diagram for the most part. Hopefully these provide some artistic stimulation for our very talented woodworkers on board here at The Patriot Woodworker.

In order to access all our patterns and plans please click on Free Plans and Drawings Page.

The cover page is installed in this discussion, and the table of contents are also published in this discussion so that if what you want is not what I uploaded, you can view the table of contents and I will get the plans or articles you desire to view uploaded here as well. Have fun!


John Morris
The Patriot Woodworker

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That's one cool home Cliff!

Cliff said:

I couldn't resist.

This is the Google Street view of that address the magazine was sent to


You will have to cut and paste the whole link as it doesn't format so well.

Nice home too. Great property.

John Morris
The Patriot Woodworker

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