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steven newman

Tool Chest #2: Progress?

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 Well, there is all the parts



Frame & Panel parts.  Just finished milling the last leg parts.Had some nasty stuff to cut away, though



Just to make two back leg blanks for the end panels.   Cleaned up some rails



Set up a three screw jig to remove the "cope" from the tenon.    Used a #3 handplane to "Chute"  away the lip, and mill the shoulder back to square.  Third screw is behind this rail.    Most of the old parts had a two layer "veneer" , some even had a thick paper as the outer layer.    Pried most of it off, to get down to the "real wood" underneath the glue.   Milled a few last grooves, and will start to mill tenons tomorrow, I hope.  Even tried a test fit



Ok, so I still have some work to do on this....   Raised panels have been sitting around, awaiting to be installed in the frames.   Trying to build this chest with just the parts scrounged from the old bed frame.   Might even have enough left over, to glue up a fancy lid...


Stay tuned...

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Had a few raised panels left from the old bed frames, thought I could use them for this build....


Existing was 10-3/8" wide, space between the frame's top and bottom rails was 12-1/2" wide!   Hmm, went back outside to the lumber stash, picked out a fairly un-warpped 1x 10.    Needed to add a bit to get to the width needed.    New blanks were cut down to 630mm, or about 25" long.    Found a couple pine 1x4 sitting around, cut them to length,   Had to run that big old jointah plane along an edge or two.    Big ribbons of Elmer's and clamp both new panels up.   Had the use a hammer to get a few spots to lay flat.   Project is now awaiting glue to dry.    Then a #5 and a #78 plane to raise the new panels.  ning-imag0163-670-18.jpg?width=721

BTW, this is all the pipe clamps I have.  A fourth one is being used as a leg vise "screw".  Someday, I might scrounge up enough for a couple more Pony Pipe Clamps, and some black pipe....

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