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John Moody

Kitchen Island Top Project Under Way - Updated

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I started a few days ago on the Kitchen Island top out of Maple.

I went over to the Wood Stash and got enough maple to bring to the shop and start working on. The top has to be 41"x51"x2".



I got all of the boards cuts a little over size and ready for the jointer


Ran one side across the jointer and ready to run through the planer.


After it was run through the planer I stacked it all and put some clamps on it to just check my size and be sure I was going to be okay to start the glue up.


That is going to be one large Island top.

So last night I was looking at either gluing it up in three of four glue ups and them putting those together.


So those are the three panels and I am thinking I am going to do it in four just to give me more working time and make it easier to pull them tight together.

I should get them glued tonight or first thing in the morning.

Well it was Thursday Morning before I got the panels glued. I decided to glue them into four sections and I am so glad I did. Once the clamps were on there it was almost too heavy for me to lift off the assembly table.

Also to glue up all for sections has taken almost a gallon of Titebond III glue.


1st Panel


2nd Panel


3rd and 4th Panels


It will most likely be Saturday morning before I start gluing the panels together. I think I will glue two panels together and then when they are dry, glue the two sections together.

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