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steven newman

Quick trip to the shop before work

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and very little got done.    Brought two 1 x 10 pine boards to the shop, since they were stored against the wall of the house.     Cut them to a length needed.    Ripped one right down the middle.   Ripped just over 5"  out of the second board.    Used a jointah plane to ease an edge or two


And the chest now has a bottom.   Screwed to the cleats along the outside edges.    Center plank is just held by a pair of screws, one on each end.   Had the box clamped to the bench for a little clean upning-imag0175-497-51.jpg?width=750

Well I used this to clean up after a belt sander leveled things a bit.    Then a block plane for some detail work.....Then set up a drill press with a special bitning-imag0174-497-51.jpg?width=750

Cuts a tapered plug.  Chunk of scrap wood is Black Walnut.   I used a screwdriver tip to pop the plugs out.A littlte glue into the counter bore, and bang a plug home.     Later, after the glue has set for awhile, a block plane to trim these down


Lets see, seven to a corner, and there are four such corners,, might take a bit.   

BTW:  Beltsander don't work very well trimming the plugs down.    Gouges the wood, and burns the plug.    Just about any sharp plane will do.   Stay tuned....

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Well, afterwork NAP is done.   Went down to do a bit of work on the case. Plugs were trimmed down.   I don't have a flush cut saw, but I do have a chiselning-imag0177-499-65.jpg?width=721

run it bevel down, come in a bit high on each plug. One tap, an most is removed. Then a plane to flush it out.  28 plugs are now in place, half are now like thisning-imag0176-499-98.jpg?width=721

Top edges on the chest needed a bit of work, too.   Leveled them down a bit with a new 80 grit belt in the sander, then finished up with a planening-imag0180-499-2.jpg?width=721

and all the joints were level out as well.  One board was a glue up at the bed factory, of two boards with grain going in oppisite directions at once,   Turned to a low angle block plane to smooth it out.    Now awaiting the other 14 plugs to cure in their places, then will smooth them down.    Been sanding and planing away on the case sides, getting things about ready for a stain/finish.    Then starts the lid work.....

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