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Electrolysis rust removal

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Here's another-


Lew Kauffman-
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Hi Will,

I use the electrolysis method for cleaning up my "Old Delta Machines"

It sure is a work saver.

Here's a couple of before/after shots of a Drill Press head casting.


This head took a bit longer than normal to clean as I suspect it came out of a metal working shop.


It took about 20 hours in "The Tank" to get it that clean.

I'm using a 25 Amp charger from one of those battery back up sump pumps, with a car battery in the circuit.

The charger was a freebie from my neighbor, and makes a big difference compared to my old 6 Amp charger.



That is my small parts cleaning tank.

The same neighbor just gave me a big orange plastic laundry cart on wheels which will probably fit a complete Uni-Saw.



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