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I'm thinking a lazy susan type rack with the lathe tools leaning inward at about 10 degrees,

I'm designing this lazy susan and go t to thinking about what might happen if I spun it fast enough to flip the tools outward.

They'd clatter all over the floor and I'd have some grinder work to do

I've considered rare earth magnets but I try to avoid magnetizing my tools and that'd do it.

Maybe I'll have to bite that bullet.

An alternative is to make the base deep enough that the handles would set in far enough that they couldn't fall out but could only be picked up and drawn out of the hole.

I'm fishing for ideas

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Well it's coming along. I have 18 stations for two types of tooling. Small stuff and big stuff.

No pix yet but the thing has a middle level with a wheel-rack that is smaller than the upper one. That's for short tools. They lean in substantially more than the larger ones will so they will not be tipped out by rotating the rack

The whole thing is built with scrap left over from my shed build.

The upper wheel-rack retains the tools using thru holes not openings so the tools there won't tip out at all.

They are retrieved by lifting them a little and slipping the handles out of the blind holes in the bottom wheel-rack and drawing them down an inch or three and out.

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