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Tool Carousel Got 'r Dun

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See the tilt differences? IT's supposed to keep the littler tools from spinning out




What lathe tool carousel picture would be without a Where's Waldo picture with the wood carousel lost in wood clutter? If you can find it in the first thirty seconds of looking you win a prize. It's an a ll expenses paid dream vacation to the mists of Avalon long ago and far away. You even get to have dinner they Mordred and Morganna



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I'll make it worse. I'm already better than Malcom Tibbits.


On a more serious note: I turned my first handle today from some apple. Started out with the Benjamen's best 2" roughing gouge, the one you see in the carousel, Just for the deviltry of I switched over to a 3/4" Thompson chisel with no handle. I liked the handle-less thompson better than the Benny's Best.





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On 12/24/2015 at 10:20 AM, John Morris said:
8 hours ago, Courtland said:

Awesome Cliff! Thanks for the report back. 


I have it populated with Thomson tools.  The only tool  of his that I'd improve upon would be the cut off tool.   If he made diamond shaped so that the sides of the tool didn't rub it'd be a really big deal. And since it's powdered metal technology  the shape of the tool is all in the mold.


I did get one of those great huge  gouges that Benjamin's  Best makes and I don't like  it nearly so well as  the Thompson gouge

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