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Jewelry Box Sketchup Model with Compound Curves

Dan Cooper

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your feedback. My designs these days are mostly "conceptual." They have the advantage of not having to work out the joinery, though I could if necessary, but you guys can imagine it if you want! Also, really good humidor model. Good work on the legs.  Dan

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Post away Dan!!!! I love seeing conceptual Sketchup work! Like Lew stated regarding the forum, I'll move this to the appropriate forum at Plans and Software.

I know we have folks here who love using Sketchup, and I like seeing it used, specially when a project comes from it. Thanks for being here Dan and thanks for your topic contributions!

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Hi Dab,

Not really a woodworker, but I imagine starting by laminating a dark wood to light wood in a block, at least for the bottom and then routing out the curves and inside. The top needs something similar but the wood in is a different orientation over the top. Dan

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2 hours ago, Dan Cooper said:

Hi Kmealy,

Ah, thanks for the link. Is there a name for what I did where I had curves that flow into each other?



Just curves :D

We call em reverse curves if they go the other direction, at least in my Land Survey world they do, but that would be a dumb title for your box, a Reverse Curve Box. :lol:

How about, "One Sexy Curvaceous Box". 

Whatever it's called it's a good looking box. :)


Now, what the heck is "pedantic"?!!!!!

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