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John Morris
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"Lew thanks so much for your weekly topics, they are completley enjoyed by everyone!"

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Please don't forget our summer fund raiser is in progress! Check here for more information and the raffle tickets-




Our Patriot Turners-

Again, THANKS to everyone who takes the time to show us all what you have been working on.


We've had several additions to our "What's On Your Lathe" post. @User74, @Gerald and @kreisdorph posted this week!












The new items start here-



What’s Coming Up-

If you missed Cindy Drozda's tool talk last Friday, she has it loaded up on her YouTube channel. This discussion was on Box Hollowing Tools-




Todd Raines, from the Woodturning Tool Store will be demonstrating the Robust Tru-Arc tool-

2024-07-10 15_40_16-Robust Tru-Arc - Woodturning Tool Store.png



Registration and more information can be found here-

https://woodturningtoolstore.com/live-stream-woodturning-with-tod-raines/?receiptful=668c77471ee11bbc67cec8e6&utm_source=CM Commerce&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter-363&utm_term=newsletter&utm_content=other&receiptfultype=newsletter



Cindy and Todd will be doing a Zoom Sharing event on August 2, 2024-

2024-07-10 15_49_00-Woodturning Sharing Session with Cindy Drozda and Tod Raines - American Associat.png


Registration for the sharing event-





For The Newbies-

Lyle Jamieson's Tuesday Tip is about removing that little nub from the inside of a bowl-



Anxious to turn that first bowl. It doesn't have to be a monster! In fact small bowls are very useful as Kent Weakley demonstrated-



Another nice little hollowing project from Mike Peace that doesn't require a large hollowing system. Couple of neat tips included!



Expand Your Horizons-

Now that you have that laser, how can you use it with your turning projects? Carl Jacobson has some ideas-




New Turning Items-

Not any new products but Woodturners Wonders has revamped their website.





Everything Else-

I know it seems like I don't do any turning but I have a valid excuse. A month ago, I committed to creating rolling pin blanks for the local woodturning club. They've been a little slow in getting me the remainder of the materials. My shop is a "one man" shop- literally!! Only one person can fit at a time! Now I have everything waiting for more materials as time is critically short.




Also, a little over a week ago I did an Easy Wood Tools demo and will be doing another in about a week and a half. All my stuff is packed for transport and not easily accessible. In the middle of all that, I'm trying to work on a new jig (ala Alan Stratton) for the bandsaw.




Safe turning

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