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  • 3 weeks later...

Been a bit delayed in progress. Had a little lightning strike a few weeks back and was busy lining out repairs here around the house. No real damage but it takes up time meeting with the contractors.

So my wife adopted a stray cat not long ago...I have no problem with that but she then turned into 4 more cats  :Punched: long story short they had some time in my shop unsupervised and did some chewing on my Dory. Finally had time this evening to begin repairs. I'll fill in and sand out seams next week and we'll hopefully be back on track. Good news is I did score a Dory book for fathers day,...it's a keeper :TwoThumbsUp:


BTW the lightning strike holes are 24 and 30 inches deep respectively. 












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4 hours ago, Grandpadave52 said:

Nice job on the repair Aaron. I would agree a patch would improve the strength. I assume this is Balsa wood? Hobby Lobby used to carry various size and thickness pieces if you need material.



Thanks for the heads-up...I'm gonna try to get it out of my "extra" that the laser cuts come in. There is actually a lot of stock there. I do plan to pick up some more though for some larger scrap builds pieces. Thanks-Aaron

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I went with some strips of basswood, filled in spaces in between and then sanded smooth for repair on the plank. Stern knee bevel filed,..then finished with sandpaper..and we're glued to the frame. Thats it for today....may look into the oars later tonight. 









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