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Fragile flower petals


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Hey guys, I do appreciate what you all are saying but the truth is if I stay in the house I have to help you know who do some house cleaning..and thank goodness I didn't even know if she could cook. All I know I had to look for a long time before I found her. 

  Now that I am walking on the tread mill EVERY day things are starting to change and I feel much better. I can even trot out to the shop.

 And I didn't carve the humming birds. I have been saving four of them for a few years just waiting for the right place for them to live. A little side ways but are looking at the flowers. A couple of them broke and since they are made of glass I figured by the time I used them they might just turn back to dust!

  I found the picture I was using to get to this thing and I hope the original carver maybe would smile if he was to see it. I figure all he had was a few knives of some sort and nothing like the real carvers use today so this guy was the actual artist.20221121_130411.jpg.98b2d253268977a0756ca1b8bf1796a1.jpg

 This picture was from another wood working site as he was fixing to try and copy it probably using knives instead of Dremels and I think he said he got it from Hobby Lobby or some place like that.

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