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Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! September 11, 2023

John Morris

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:angry: The bottom bolt is playing dirty it's now worn off to a point that I can't get anything to grip to it. <_<


:unsure: Not looking good at trying to drill out that 6mm bolt from where it's at without having to drop the engine cradle etc. :wacko:


:ChinScratch: So after a bit of :PullingHair: it's time to play even dirtier. :Tapping:


:WonderScratch: What's dirtier you're wondering.  :huh:



How about using a hollow end mill around the broken off bolt and removing just enough of the aluminum housing to get a grip on it and then use a spacer to replace what I removed after I get it out? ;)


Now I'm just waiting for that hollow end mill I ordered. :Tapping:


I'm also replacing those bolts with studs just in case I ever have to change that :ArguingSmileys:switch again. :DevilLaughing:


Edited by Larry Buskirk
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