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We Have to Remember

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That post should be read aloud in the chambers of our congress, with mandatory attendance.  Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Any congressman/woman who chooses not to attend or participate should be censured and barred from congress, leaving them free to exercise their rights to free speech out in the streets. 

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Every day is VETERANS DAY my heart will never forget


I saw our Flag today, The colors were faded looking a little tired but still standing strong and  proud in the summer wind.
It reminded me of the Sons and Daughters of yesterday's America who stood for my freedom years before I was born free in America.
Over time  many have may have faded away but the glory and honor of their service to America will never fade.


I saw our Flag today it flew bravely in the wind a bit tattered and worn but still strong , and  proud over America.
It flies for the Sons and Daughters of America who fought for my freedom, battle tested and hardened to stand against the forces that would take away my freedom.
Like a battle flag they too stand in great pride and honor, battle scared , proud and selfless in their dedication to America and the freedom they protected.  
I saw a flag pole today. It flew no glory but stood silently in the wind empty and wanting for the absence of our colors.
It reminded me of the Sons and Daughters of America who stood for my freedom who have yet to come home to the America they honorably served.
America can only be completely free when every one of her  Sons and Daughters of Freedom can come home, home to the America they gave all to protect.


I saw our flag today. It's colors were bright, strong as it embraced in silence and honor a fallen hero.  Another American Hero who gave all without hesitation, without fear to go forward to protect  my freedom. 
While they stand no more their selfless commitment to duty to America  will insure countless generations American freedom.
Born in freedom and fallen in battle they will ever rest in the grateful arms and hearts of a free America. 

Thank you American Heroes......I will never forget .....I get to be here because you were there for my freedom.

mike calabrese

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1 hour ago, PostalTom said:

It's hard to finish reading that when your eyes are wet with emotion.  Thanks Mike.  

Thanks Tom, I wrote that a couple of years ago and I still get the tears when I revisit it. 

The freedom we enjoy so easily in this great country has become unfortunately somewhat of an entitlement of birth, it's not.

The words freedom isn't free has meaning to most of us in what I call a patriotic passing, we speak it when it is subjective then we move on. 

If you really think about those words then the images of the sacrifice , dedication and selfless commitment to America begin to form. 

Our heroes gave to  me ( I am not a veteran )  my every day here in America without looking over my shoulder to secure my safety, without running for a shelter every time a siren goes off. The value of the "entitled comfort" we ( I ) enjoy every day comes at great expense to a very small percentage of heroes over many many years who  stood for the colors since America was born. That dedication created what we now know as freedom. It is tearful that we only pay it back for moments every year on the honorable days when America remembers.

Thank a Veteran everyday because without them there would be no US !




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