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Hi All, 

I'm new here and need some help with an antique armoire I'm repairing. The back is a frame and panel design and I need to create some replacement slats. The tongue ends aren't like any I've ever seen and I can't find the proper router bit for it. Any suggestions on what I can use to cut this?


Thanks in advance!


20230323_135800576_iOS (2).jpg

20230323_135713781_iOS (2).jpg

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Not sure if you can find a matching profile cope and stick set. Guessing the original manufacturer used a shaper set-up with mirror image cutters. Like Gerald noted, maybe custom ground?? Depending on the age, it's feasible these were even cut by hand using custom made sash planes and knives.


Maybe another option HERE?


BTW, welcome to The Patriot Woodworker. Glad you found us. Keep the thread going as to your resolution as well as posting other projects. Great to have you on-board.

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