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Double Ogee Pecan Bowl.


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4 minutes ago, RustyFN said:

Very nice. On the new lathe? If so how did you like it.


This item was finish turned on the new lathe. 


It's the bee's knees.  More torque, power, and stability than I'm used to for sure.  I peeled an inch off a green pecan bowl blank with a 3/4" gouge.  It didn't even slow down.  That cut would have bogged down the PM2014.  I'm really enjoying the swivel headstock.  Makes hollowing much easier and more comfortable.  I've put it through it's paces and it's come up aces every time. One of the most remarkable features is how quiet it runs. It's barely audible. 


I had to drill out the headstock wheel a bit to get it to accept my vac chuck set up.  No biggie there, thanks for pointing that out the other day. 


On the downside, the slow ramp up to speed takes some getting used to.  This can get to be a little tedious if you have to stop and start frequently.  After moving the the headstock back to the long axis, I have to adjust each time with the center kiss test.  Not a huge deal, just wish the detents did this for me. 



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