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Our National Tree (The Oak)

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On 2/13/2023 at 9:22 AM, HandyDan said:

Ohio is the Buckeye State and I have lived here for about 55 years.  I have yet to see a Buckeye tree.


Ever see a Horse-chestnut Dan?  Same tree, and kin to a maple (according to Wiki)

I took this pic in Schiller Park (Columbus) last summer to use the plant ID on my phone.  What a great feature that is :)


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22 minutes ago, Gene Howe said:

Well, OK, John.  But, to be deserving of such an honor, it should be a special oak. :)

Ya maybe, but it is the national tree, a special oak would be specific to a region. Our Oak grows in many regions of our nation representing the entire nation. That's just the way it is with national trees, just like Canada's tree is Maple, there are 10 different species of Maple in Canada but their national tree is simply "Maple".

If you want special trees, then we are talking about State Trees. :)

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9 minutes ago, John Morris said:

There are regional names Larry, here is one example for the Bald Cypress, see Common Names.



:ChinScratch: Don't think I'll see one of those "Two Weeks From Anywhere". 

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1 hour ago, Al B said:

The dutch Elm disease killed most


I just had an Elm tree removed that lasted until 2 years ago.  A friend of mine has a tree removal business and when I bought the house 27 years ago he pointed it out to me and said it is only living because there was an Ash tree butted right up to it and their roots were intermingled.  The Emerald Ash Borer did the Ash tree in and the Elm tree only lasted about 4 years after.  I've lost about 20 trees from my property over the years due to bugs.

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