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Nice little 3" snowfall this morning. Used the snowblower for the first time this winter.



Our Patriot Turners-

@Steve Krumanaker Showed us a really neat beading tool handle he made. The handle serves the normal handle function while turning but Steve also designed it to act as a storage place to protect the tip during transportation-



Steve created a video of the build and posted it to his YouTube channel-



Instead of just making a just a handle, @HandyDan made a complete beading tool!



Dan details the tool fabrication and the operation in his post-



Beading tools and bowls dominated our posts this past week.


@HandyDan has been turning some little bowls and used his beading tool to decorate them!



He shows us what he made in this post-



@jthornton continues working on his popcorn bowls segments. 




If you missed what JT has done, check it out here-



@smitty10101 is looking for some ideas on making a hand help drill chuck. He posted his questions in our Woodturners Tips sub-section

 Our members have offered several ideas/suggestions. Maybe you could drop by his post and see if you can help him.



@Bob Hodge added to his post on lathe tool carbide cutters. He was curious about the cost and quality of the various suppliers. Check the latest in his post and see if you can offer some suggestions-



What’s Coming Up-

Click on the images for links to more information and registration.






For The Newbies-

Neat little project from Carl Jacobson to practice spindle turning-



A short video from Stuart Batty on grain direction-



Want to make that turned bow even more attractive Kirk DeHeer shows what can be done in this video from Craft Supplies USA-



Twice turned bowls are a great way to have finished bowls that are symmetrical and less likely to crack. Richard Raffan discusses it in this video-



If you've been turning for awhile and thinking about moving up to a new lathe, Mike Peace has some things to consider-



Expand Your Horizons-

Richard Raffan discussed the procedure of twice turned bowls but bowls can be turned start to finish with "green" or wet wood. Alan Stratton turns this bowl and adds carved feet.



I think I found what my relatives will be getting next year for Christmas-



New Turning Items-

You may remember that Easy Wood Tools has purchased Yorkshire Grit. Another product often used in conjunction with the grit is Hampshire Sheen. Hampshire products are featured on their YouTube channel. They are constantly adding new products.



Their products can be ordered from https://thewalnutlog.com/



Everything Else-

I see Rick is back!

Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week-



Safe turning


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