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Well 2022 is drawing to a close and that means our Ward 57 event is very near the end, too! It is not too late to get those raffle tickets for those awesome prized donated by our generous sponsors-



Our Patriot Turners-

@John Hechel Posted a thread about some custom rolling pins he was asked to create. These are awesome! 



John tells us who will be using them, and more about the build, in his post-



@forty_caliber got himself a new toy from Tim Yoder!



In his post, Forty gives us an in depth review of the hollowing rig and shows us what if can do-



@Gerald is adding the finishing touches to his lathe accessory stand.



You can never have too much storage space (or too many clamps!)



What’s Coming Up-

Click on the images for links to registration and more information-









For The Newbies-

Ahh Skews, my old nemesis! Mike Peace fills us in on everything you ever wanted to know about this instrument of the devil!


This is from one of Mike's IRDs so it is a little long.



Just starting to learn the lathe? Sam Angelo's video about spindle turning and the tools used might give you some insights-



And, speaking of the skew, a video from the Kirk DeHeer by Craft Supplies USA turns a mallet using one-



Expand Your Horizons-

A little late for this year's Christmas but a way for us turners to have our own method of delivering Hershey's Kisses. Check out how Alan Stratton lays out the blank for turning spheres without a jig-



A while back @PostalTom turned a chess set for his grandson. Wish I had access to this video to give Tom some ideas at the time. This is another Mike Peace IRD video-



New Turning Items-

I see that the folks at StarBond (the CA folks) have added a line of sanding disks. I haven't tried them but the prices look competitive-







Everything Else-

Even the pros can have a bad day. Check out the end of this video-




Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from the last two weeks-




Safe turning


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Thanks for the post Lew. Even tho I have no intention to make another chess set I took a look at Mike's video as he used a photo of my set in American Woodturner article and he has a unique idea for holding the pieces on lathe. Will have to look at the Raffin video as that is a nice box.

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Just got done watching Richard Raffins video.  I loved the ending.  He turned the top too thin and ruined it.  I hated seeing it ruined and felt bad for him but it made me feel better about the bowl I lost last week for the same reason.  Everyone makes errors now and then.

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