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Today, I had the greatest pleasure by being able to deliver all of the Ward 57 Christmas gifts to the Forney family. We met with Travis, Michelle and their two youngest sons- Houston and Levi. Great folks! 


Even though the kids' gifts have been purchased, there is still time to get in on the awesome prizes in our raffle. Your donations will be forwarded to Mr. and Mrs. Forney to help out with raising their 5 young boys. So, be generous, I know they will appreciate it beyond words.





Our Patriot Turners-

@forty_caliber posted a video from Robo Hippy describing a uniquely shaped gouge. Forty also purchased that tool and showed us a little on how well it worked-





 Forty also posted some images of his new sander/grinder setup. I really like that flexible shaft idea!





@Bob Hodge posed a query about what type of spindle gouge would be good for turning finials. Several of our turners had suggestions and also shared some of their turnings from their favorite type of gouges



@RustyFNTurned a couple of beautiful bowls- one from pecan and one from walnut









What’s Coming Up-






For The Newbies-

It's getting closer to Christmas and if you are short a couple of gifts, Carl Jacobson has an idea for a cute little bottle stopper-



Another gift idea comes from Mike Peace. This is a two part video and part 2 is linked from Mikes channel-



Kent Weakley offers some tips on how to reduce the stress and strain on your body during turning-




Expand Your Horizons-

Alan Stratton uses mixed media to produce really fantastic Christmas ornaments. 



Last week, we posted a link to threaded inserts for screw-on lids. In this 2 part video Mike peace demonstrates how to cut your own threads directly into the wooden turning. Part 2 is linked from Mike's channel-



Richard Raffan has a short video discussing various finishes for turnings. These aren't your ordinary clear coat finishes-




New Turning Items-

These LED lights are similar to the ones sold by Cindy Drozda. Pretty good price.


Available from Woodturners Wonders- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/lamps/products/eclipse-led-lathe-lamp


On a personal note: if you have a soldering pencil, an old 5 volt USB charging brick and cable and a rare earth magnet- you can get these and build your own.




Everything Else-

Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week-



Found this on social media and thought it described how many woodturners/woodworkers felt about their work





Safe turning

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Thanks for the post Lew.  I'm really bad about being too critical of my work.  "Creation is a process not a product" makes a lot of sense to me. 


I'll post a review of the Drozda Finial gouge when I get a chance to use it.  I've been looking for a good detail spindle gouge and I like the looks of this one.  I've fought more than a few finial battles and ended up with a knob!



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