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A Signage of the Times.


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Missed this thread somehow?

Never tire seeing your guild work Frederick. The house sign looks great. Do you apply some type of sealer coat or does that affect the gold leaf?

The shop sign (plane) is just too cool. Love the extra detail with the hand-stamped "iron" brand.

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38 minutes ago, Cal said:

The plane is cool and all Frederick, but the house number sign is totally awesome. :TwoThumbsUp:

Now I am wondering about the "equation" at the top of the door...




Please share with me (us) :)

Good question! The last time that my wife and I were in Oberammergau, in Baveria Germany, was in late November several years(4) ago. As we were walking the the village, we kept noticing that inscription chalked above many of the doorways there, stopped a friendly-looking German, and inquired about the meaning of it in our broken German. He said that the village priest would come by to "bless" the house, if requested, with that inscription. It stands for the current year(2022) and lists the first initials of the 3 wise men.... Balthasar, Casper, and Melchior. We thought that this was a perfect blessing for our home and have been doing it, above our doorways, ever since. I'll be changing it to 2023 at the start of the new year

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Frederick, wish we had had this thread a month ago!  We were in Germany in mid October.  One day trip took us from Munich to Hohenschwangau, and it looks as if we went either through Oberammergau, or very close to it.  I was not driving so I'm not sure of the actual route we took.  That was the trip of a lifetime for me!  The weather cooperated fully, the trees were in full color.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I couldn't tell you how many cathedrals we walked through!!!


In Hohenschwangau, tours for the big castle were booked up for two weeks in advance, even though the big castle was never completed.  The smaller castle was completed and lived in while the big one was under construction.  The smaller castle had tours and it was mind blowing to go through. 






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Cal, great photos and you certainly traveled during the right time of the year! Munich is one of our favorite cities in Germany. Did you have time to go to the central market area for some food/drink. About visiting the Beer Halls there?


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