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Our annual Operation Ward 57 is underway! Please checkout this post for more information on our selected family. 



Our Patriot Turners-

@forty_caliber turned another bowl from Pecan. That species sure does have some beautiful grain and color.




Please hop on over to his post and see some of the great comments from our members-



New member @Bill Blasic commented on one of our older "Tip" entries on the woodworm screw. He made some great points in his post. Please check this out and give him a warm welcome to our forum-



@HandyDan found some inspiration from last weeks "Wednesday's..." and turned some sweet little projects-



Dan offers more information in his post-

Sorry, Dan, I looked all over the place and couldn't come up with the wine glass turning.



What’s Coming Up-

Check this out for tomorrow, Thursday November 10, from Cindy Drozda. A live tool talk on using the camera for hollowing. Our own @Steve Krumanaker has been using his camera to do hollowing for quite some time.




For The Newbies-

Another presentation from Cindy on creating the 40/40 Bowl Gouge grind.



Some great lighting tips from "Robo Hippy"



Rolling pins are easy to turn and make excellent presents. Nice article, with tutorial, from the Family Handyman. It also features the use of Easy Wood Tools for turning.






Expand Your Horizons-

Want to give a big shoutout and THANKS to @forty_caliber for the heads-up on this video on creating eggs. Using the Skew has always been my downfall but this turner makes it look so easy.



Sam Angelo demonstrates creating a basic basket illusion 



Carl Jacobson turns an absolutely gorgeous pedestal vase. Lots of turning and some carving-



Master Woodturner Kirk DeHeer takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a Calabash Bowl in this video from Craft Supplies USA-




New Turning Items-

OK, not a tool but a useful resource that I recently discovered. From StarBond Adhesives-



The link to the source--  https://starbond.com/blogs/tutorials



Everything Else-

Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week-




Been hectic around here but the 2 little walnut bowls reached moisture equilibrium and have moved to the lathe. We are supposed to get some rainy weather on Friday so maybe I'll get a chance to finish them-




Safe turning

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I know how to use the skew but very rarely reach for it.  I think it is more for the production turner where the work becomes almost robotic after awhile.  It is one thing knowing how to use a skew and actually being good enough to forego sanding after it is used.  Kirk proved that to us in the video.:P  I have a couple of sets of Craftsman spindle gouges that I use 90% of the time.  They have a shallow flute and can be sharpened with a nice rounded tip with a long bevel and make shearing cut similar to the skew.  They still can be catchy but no where near as bad as the skew.  I have a collection of Sorby tools that I use but still reach for the Craftsman for most of what I do 


Here are my skew eggs.  My skew is a no name and it is old enough it may not be HSS.  I have some Sorby skews that see little use.








Here is a picture of the spindle gouges I referred to.  These aren't mine but are a good image.




I made these eggs last Easter.  They were sanded and finished.









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