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Please don't forget about the fund raiser that our very generous sponsor- Easy Wood Tools- is currently having. 



Head on over to the EWT site and order yours today-  https://www.easywoodtools.com/



Our Patriot Turners-

@RustyFN Is making a fabulous lidded box for his Mrs.



In his post, Rusty tells us about the material he used for the "metal" bands. 



What’s Coming Up-

Click on the images for the links to more information and registration. These are from the AAW.















If you catch this post in time, Cindy Drozda is having another live bottle stopper video.



You can watch it on her YouTube channel-




I picked this information from social media. Jeff Hornung, who does fantastic embellishment work, also does IRDs and demonstrations for clubs.



For more information, contact him through his site, The Walnut Log.  https://www.thewalnutlog.com/



For The Newbies-

Jim Rodgers continues his video series on catches-



Lyle Jamieson has made his "Tuesday's Tips" available on his YouTube channel-

https://www.youtube.com/user/JamiesonLyle/videos   Search his channel for "Tuesdays Tips"



IF you use your worm screw, here is a useful addon that you can make to improve stability.




If you are thinking about getting into turning but not sure what tools you might need, Richard Raffan discusses some traditional choices. Don't overlook the possibility of using carbide tipped tools as well.




Expand Your Horizons-

Scroll chucks hold your work firmly but can mar the piece and sometime be less that ideal for odd shaped pieces. In this video, Alan Stratton discusses creating soft, custom replacement jaws.



Mike Waldt turns an earring stand from English Yew-



Carl Jacobson turns a gorgeous maple burl lidded box-



And yet another two piece scoop. This one from Mike Peace-




New Turning Items-

Save your lunch money! With SWAT happening in about a week, thee may be some new toys presented.



Everything Else-

Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- 




I've been finding it really hard to get to the lathe lately. Life is funny that way. 


My lighting equipment for turning has been cobbled together from old desk lamps. They work but can sometimes be difficult to position and still be able to see what's happening. I saw a neat idea for a small LED light that helped overcome some of the disadvantages I was experiencing. Being a cheap scape frugal, I decided to build one.


The parts



If you have an old cell phone charger and cord, that's the perfect power supply. The other parts are a magnet- this ones is from an old computer hard drive. The LED light board- available from  https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3256804164219166.html?spm=a2g0o.order_detail.0.0.2856f19c9S68hd . They were 6 boards for $1.00 plus $3.00 shipping and came all the way from China in 4 weeks!! Epoxy. Miscellaneous Harbor Freight stuff. 


Started by preparing the wire. Cut off the end that wasn't the standard charger USB connector. Removed the  green and white wires. Added the shrink sleeving because I had a box from Harbor Freight.




Stripped, tinned and knotted the wires on the board




Soldered the wires to the LED board. The board has a miniature USB connector but I figured the solder would be more robust. Added a zip tie- because I had a bag from Harbor Freight- as a strain relief.




Turned the board over and epoxied the magnet to the metal heatsink. I had to add a couple of washers between the magnet and heatsink to allow space where the wire passed thru the board. This allowed the LED board to sit flat.




On the small tool rest-




With the LED lamp off-




LED lamp on-






I'm happy but I think I'll build another one. I failed to take into consideration that the "chuck side" of the tool rests are not vertical. The light board angles "down" slightly. I think that can be fixed by adding a shim between the LED board back and the magnet before applying the epoxy.  


Also, if you have ever played with hard drive magnets, they are incredibly strong for their size. It is almost a struggle to get the lamp off of the tool rest. Regular rare earth magnets would probably work just as good.




Safe turning

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