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3M Cubitron Xtract sandpaper


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i did purchase some of this a while back after reading about it on another site, have to say, i'm kinda on fence, everyone touted it cut faster, more for less cost, ect .

i use the red from HD store and some klingspor, for boards and most sanding, have to say, i was not overly impressed, and will say, when i discovered there was no absolute revelation in sanding with the stuff, gravitated back to my original, have a bit of it and will use, have to use a mat to put on hook and loop, OB's, its not bad, can't say for sure its the new ""cats meow"" so to speak.

Rj in az

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yeah, i think this is the reason i went for it, but actual for me, perhaps i was using it wrong or who knows, but was not at the least impressed with its success, i have a bit of it and will in future probably try again, and at least use up what i have, but a while back i invested in a festool, choked on price, but have to say its flat out sands, and gets the work done. 

no matter what the modern paper is way beyond what we had decades ago. 

rj in az

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1 hour ago, lew said:

I read that the original product had more "grit" on it than the later production runs. I can't say if that is true as I haven't used either the old or new.

This is true.  The mk-1 was solid grit, and the mk-2 is about 50%.  The mk-1 was so bullet proof that the backing evaporated before the grit wore out; I still use the first sheet I ever got, on a hand sanding block.  Cubitron won't work on a stationary disk sander, ROS only.  [Actually, you can use it on a stationary, but you have to really baby it or it just augers a groove in the grit].  The word to look for:  "ceramic".  The ceramic grit seems to make the difference.

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I'm using some right now. I was able to buy a sampling of grits from somewhere (Taylor Tools, I think)...seems like I got 5 discs each of 5 grits in a box. Early on, I found much of the dust stuck in the hook pad on my sander, That pad was as old as the sander (20+ years) so i replaced it and the dust doesn't seem to get caught in the new one; but that's with only limited use so far. I got pretty excited about it after I watched that video above when someone linked it here some months back. I just haven't been in the shop enough this summer to give them a real workout.

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22 hours ago, Marv Rall said:

My sanding experience over the years has boiled down to the following-----buy quality brand name paper---use each sheet-disc a short time---toss and use a new piece ----using all the grits successful seems not usually necessary[to me]  150 grit is often recommended for many stains and or finishes----long story short over sanding has minimum advantage-----works for me.

Good to see you posting again Marv. Hope all is well up North.

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