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Congrats to all the winners of our summer fundraising/raffle event. A great big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in helping keep our site alive!!


The Patriot Woodworker site is dedicated to helping veterans. Our very generous sponsor Easy Wood Tools ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ) is offering a limited edition T-Shirt and they are being sold to support combat veterans through

VetsTurn. Please show your support by ordering a shirt today. The shirts are $35 each and include shipping within the USA.



Please consider helping out VetsTurn and our combat veterans.  Shirts can be ordered at https://www.easywoodtools.com/



Our Patriot Turners-

@Gerald gave us a look at a tool stand he made. This one certainly won't tip over!




Gerald tells us about where he got the base in his post-



What’s Coming Up-

From the AAW list of upcoming events-






For The Newbies-

Mike Peace continues to produce short videos covering turning topics often over looked. This one is on lathe vibration-



You don't necessarily need a large chunk of a log to turn something beautiful. In this video, Richard Raffan demonstrates using a flitch to create bowl blanks. Watch how a professional handle the occasional chuck problems, too.



Here's a project that can be sent home with the grandkids. Take the phone off of the hook after they leave-




Expand Your Horizons-

It has always bothered me to waste so much material when creating a bowl. In this video, Mike Peace visits a turner who demonstrates using the Oneway Coring System-



I know @Steve Krumanaker and @Gerald both embellish their turnings with pyrography techniques. This video, from the AAW, provides some tips for those who might be interested in getting started with this-



Not a material I have ever considered using to do a turning but Alan Stratton creates a really nice looking segmented vase from OSB!



Mike Waldt turns a gorgeous vessel from "American Mountain Mahogany". I had never heard of this species but it sure is beautiful when turned-




New Turning Items-

Not a new item but new sale price from Woodturners Wonders-






Everything Else-

Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week-



If you missed the online Virtual Craft Festival last week, each presenter's video is listed in Rick's post.



Safe turning

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