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Well it rained, then it rained and it rained some more. It finally quit about an hour or so ago. Just shy of 3" total. At 5:30A, the wind was really howling too. Temperature had dropped to 62°.


1020, EDT; 68° now, 76% RH, 62° DP, MW wind gusting to 25 mph, something bright to the East. NWS issued a High Wind Advisory at 1:30 A:Tapping:. High of 77° forecast with a chance of more rain today. 

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C&P is so much quicker.;)

Generally sunny despite a few afternoon clouds. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 111F. WNW winds at 5 to 10 mph, increasing to 10 to 20 mph. Humidity @ 20%.


111° with 10 to 20 MPH winds makes the real feel approaching blast furnace territory. 

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88° and sunny at 4:30pm.  This is likely the high for today and the low is expected to be 69° at around 6:00am tomorrow. Humidity is at 48%.  UV index at 7. No rain expected. No rain showing anywhere around me on the map.  Updated highs for Sunday/Monday show 102 and 105 respectively. Something to look forward to, eh?  My other weather app warned that highs this year would be above what we had last year. Thank you global warming... Not. 


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Yesterday turned out to be one of those rare spectacular days. It was in the low 80s, lots of sun, and the wind wasn't blowing hard at all. Late in the day that storm that passed Dave was heading our way but mostly fizzled out before it got this far. This morning it's 68° heading for the upper 80s and only a slight chance of rain.

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40 minutes ago, Fred W. Hargis Jr said:

Late in the day that storm that passed Dave was heading our way but mostly fizzled out before it got this far.

Actually Fred the one that we got was a small, isolated cell far removed from the one on the IN-OH border.


So, we've had just short of 6" of rain this week so far. "UNCLE" I say! Prior to the storm, it topped at 83° with air you could slice with a knife.


0543, EDT; HEAVY, dense fog, 63°, 97% RH, 63° DP. High of 83°. More pop-up thunderstorms in the forecast during the afternoon. One thing for sure, I won't be mowing today. Actually, two things; don't need to water any of the garden either.

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On 7/6/2024 at 5:48 AM, Gene Howe said:

UV index "Extreme"

Dusk, February, a few years back, I took a walk around the Amphitheater at Papago Park . . . the weather was lovely . . . mid-60º, breezy . . . 


So having a Facetime Dinner Date last week, I thought it might be a nice lo-cal ...


Midday, July, a sunny 112º ... no shade ... I had to walk 400 yards to get out of the sun ...


Even with dehydration, 105ºF, no video feed due to data issues, and inundation by ants - they wanted the salmon but ignored my finest salad- that was still the finest FaceTime dinner I’ve ever had!  Planning paid off!


I drank my quart of water in the first 20 minutes. And experienced firsthand the befuddlement of dehydration in extreme heat. God willing, never again.




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Weather app claims it is 95º out @ 3:48pm and the high for today.  "Feels like 102º".  Tonight's low predicted to be 76º. Humidity at 49%. UV index at 7. Winds from the south east up to 10mph. 

Grass growth enthusiasm is waning, with only the places where the neighborhood dogs stop on their daily walks showing any kind of growth since I last mowed. Even the weeds appear to be hybernating. Waiting for just a little rain that may not come soon enough.  ;)


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