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I'm looking for advice and suggestions about how and where to sell.  Do I refurbish, all or partial?  What about shipping away from my location? How to price?

I have my father's woodshop equipment bought in 1948 (have original invoices).  Includes table saw, scroll saw, band saw, shaper, wood lathe, grinder, drill press, and belt sander, located in Washington State.

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Gary, you can typically sell locally, try Craigslist, it's pretty good. Take a lot of pictures, and sell each machine individually. I would not refurbish, typically you would not get your money back, there is a ton of labor in restoration of old machinery, yet typically there is no profit in it. Folks restore old machinery for the love and fun of it mainly, and if they do sell their restored machine, they may break even and get enough money to continue their addiction :)


For now though, I'd post images of the machines here on this forum, you may find you have a member near you who may be interested in buying one or all.

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In addition to both John and Dan's recommendations, if you are a Facebook user, you could list on the FB Marketplace. You might also web search for woodworking clubs in your area then contact them as a resource as well.


Of course you could keep everything, then engage in the dark world of woodworking along with the rest of us...:Pjust saying.

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 From experience I can tell you that some items will bring some serious cash.  The Unisaw should be worth at least $400-$500 depending in on whether or not it has the original “goose egg” cover.  The cover alone is worth $100.  I have a ‘47 Uni and I paid a bargain basement price of $250 for it about 10 years ago.  Be patient and don’t give it away.

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Lighting makes the image. Sell the sizzle.  "Time vault woodworking shop" will bring out treasure seekers.


Craigslist is a great idea. A $10,000 price with 20 images. Across the bottom of the ad something like this:


Tags: table saw, scroll saw, band saw, shaper, wood lathe, grinder, drill press, belt sander, Washington State, delta, vintage, woodworkers, woodworking, wood shop, woodshop

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A lot has to do with location as to pricing these items.

Population density can/will effect what you can get for these items. Shipping costs could be a deal breaker. 

Is there a woodworking club in your area? You might find a buyer for the whole shop by contacting them.


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WOW Gary! You have some awesome and still very desirable old 'arn in your possession. Very high end DIY'er user tools for the era.


I can only tell you what I've seen similar listed on CL here in Central Indiana. What they actually sold for IDK. I'll include in my range some I've seen sell on on-line auctions.


I realize what I've shown is a broad range for each, but reflect what I've seen over the past 2 or 3 years. I peruse CL almost daily based on searches covering mostly Indiana and Eastern IL. Your geographical location may differ greatly.


You might consider consulting with a local auction service that specializes in tools for an appraisal as well. Hopefully others will chime in as well with estimates from their locales.


Hope this helps some? Please keep us posted. You do have an amazing collection in your possession.


Table Saw: $350-$650

Grinder w/stand: $250-$$500

Lathe: $150-$450

Drill press: $100-$400

Belt Sander: $250-$400

Scroll Saw: $100-$250

Vertical Belt Sander w/table: $250-$650

Bandsaw: $100-$600

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