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OK, we are getting close to the end of our summer fund raiser and we are seriously short of our goal. If you haven't donated, please consider helping our site stay alive. Our very generous sponsors have donated some awesome items as prizes. Please head on over to this post and donate. Every little bit helps!



Our Patriot Turners-

@Gerald started catching up on some older projects and in the process did some cleaning-

Part of Gerald's post was a challenge to our members to show us some of the unfinished projects we are procrastinating about completing!


One of Gerald's projects to be finished up was a turned vase that cracked. Instead of the burn pit, Gerald used this as a chance to turn it into spectacular embellishments.



In his post, he shows us his process-


@RustyFN Finished up a gorgeous lidded box. Perfect glue-up and centered on the lathe. Made from two of my favorite woods.



In his post, Rusty explains a little on how he mounted it on the lathe.



What’s Coming Up-

Click on the images for links to more information-









For The Newbies-

Another informative video in the series from Mike Peace-



From the AAW, a video demonstrating a beautiful turning from shop scraps-



Alan Stratton posted a video turning a bowl from start to finish. A couple of things of interest are his reason for not band sawing the blank round at the beginning and his thoughts on drying. Check out his faceplate jig for uneven surfaces!



Expand Your Horizons-

Watch Mike Waldt turn a beautiful, shallow mahogany bowl!




Off-center and eccentric turning are similar but different. In this video, Carl Jacobson turns an eccentric goblet. Notice he does this without the aid of jigs.



Cindy Drozda posted a short video demonstrating sphere turning-




New Turning Items-

From Craft Supplies USA, their new turning smocks-




Everything Else-

Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week-



Safe turning

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