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Hope everyone had an enjoyable July 4th.



Our Patriot Turners-

@knockonit posted a question to turners about turning Indian Rosewood. He has received a few responses so far-

If you have experience with this species, please hop on over to his post and give him your suggestions.



@RustyFN gave us a look at his hollowing rig he is using in conjunction with his shop made steady rest.



Really looking forward to seeing this in action. Check out the addition to Rusty's previous post-



@Masonsailor turned a few more of those baseball displays for his Mrs. 



Paul's post has more images-



What’s Coming Up-

As a reminder, Cindy Drozda's 4 part, online turning class starts this Saturday July 9. 



More information at her website-  http://www.cindydrozda.com/html/Demo.html



Cindy is also hosting a "Tool Talk" on Thursday July 7. These are live streaming interactive discussions. If you do Facebook, checkout this link-



Cindy usually streams this live on YouTube as well. This is the link to her channel-

https://www.youtube.com/user/cindydrozda/featured   or here- https://youtu.be/-UpYnwfIEgA



For The Newbies-

Mike Peace continues to post short, informative turning tips and instructional videos. This one compares a chuck worm screw to a screw chuck.



If you have a set of Cole jaws for your chuck, you may find this video useful-





Expand Your Horizons-

Offset turning can be exciting. Here Alan Stratton turns a one piece wooden scoop-



Mike Waldt demonstrates turning a hollow form-



An interesting process that uses more than just turning to create an awesome looking bowl-




New Turning Items-

Woodturners Wonders has a preorder sale on the complete Kodiak sharpening system-





While you are at the site, checkout their line of sanding supplies/equipment. Ken Rizza discusses some the products in this video-




Everything Else-

Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week-



Finally got done with the refinishing of some old kitchen ware turnings. These were made back in 2007 and had been used hard in Mimi's kitchen. The pepper grinder set a little too close to the stove and the heat discolored the wood. All of the surfaces had accumulated cooking oils/grease from daily use.



Sanding and fresh applications of gloss ploy,








The platter is the one that got way too thin at the center mounting mortice. Did all the sanding/finishing and then filled the mortice with Alumilite mixed with black opaque coloring.







Safe turning

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