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John Morris

The Patriot Woodworker 2022 Community Fundraiser

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We are pleased to bring you another great opportunity as presented by our sponsors, and friends at Woodcraft Supply and Easy Wood Tools. We are having a fundraiser! Presented to you are 3 wonderful prizes donated by our sponsors for the purpose of raising funds for our woodworking community.


Enter the drawing

Click on the "DONATE" button! You will be presented with a choice of ticket quantities to purchase, the more you purchase, the cheaper the tickets are! Fill in your billing info at the secured PayPal server (we do not have access to your credit or debit card details, and you do not need a PayPal account), and you're done, and good luck!



Items will be assigned to the winners drawn in the following order (Click on links to be taken to product page)

  1. Easy Wood Tools Face Plate Rings and Drive Centers set ($289.95) Quote: Jim Luley of Easy Wood Tools ~ "The cool thing about this package is that all of these products will work with just about any 4-Jaw Woodturning Chuck on the market. 

    So while they were designed for use with our Easy ChuckTM, they will work with most others, this package will appeal to most all wood-turners." (Fred Hargis)

  2. Easy Wood Tools Mini Turning Tools ($269.97) (Jodie Rhode)
  3. Woodcraft's Woodriver Bench Top Router Table (199.99) (Jaime Guerrero)


Easy Wood Tools Face Plate Rings and Drive Centers

EWT Faceplate and Centers.jpg



Easy Wood Tools Mini Turning Tools Set

EWT Mini Tools.png


Woodriver Benchtop Router Table

Woodriver Bench Router Table.jpg



  • Fundraiser starts June 18th, 2022 and ends July 30th, 2022.
  • Everyone (guests, members, forum staff, and admins) is welcome to enter, except the owner of this website (John Morris) and his relatives, and their immediate relatives.
  • Sorry, but only participants who reside in The United States/Alaska and Canada are eligible to participate.
  • Last but not least, have fun! And thank you for your support!


Alternative Method for Contributing

Some of us don't like using our credit card for things like this, that's ok, you can send a check for this project, and we'll enter your name into the hat for the draw!


Make check payable to:

The Patriot Woodworker

and send to:

The Patriot Woodworker

977 Sussex Rd

San Jacinto CA. 92583


Where your money goes

Typically we hold fundraising events for our causes that support our wounded veterans, or we'll use the funds to outfit a shop for a disabled woodworker in need, or we'll donate the funds to Homes For Our Troops.


This time, we are directing the bulk of the raffle proceeds to offset the costs associated with running this woodworking community, yes, this community cost money! And we need you to help us keep us live.


So, if you live here, if you have benefited from this community at all, if you visit us and you are entertained by our woodworking community, if you login and hang out and call us home, please consider participating in this fundraiser. This is your community, this is your chance to help in a direct manner by contributing to offset the costs associated with running our woodworking forums and the causes we support.


In closing

Our entire community would love to thank our contributing sponsors. Woodcraft and Easy Wood Tools, they are staunch supporters of our woodworking community.


Laguna Tools

Typically Laguna Tools is with us in these fundraising projects, we are in the process of notifying Laguna Tools that they have been invited to join us this year, but they are completely busy so we don't want to push our sponsors too hard now do we?

If they decide to come up for air and contribute to this event, we'll update this page accordingly.

We want to thank Laguna Tools for all the support they have given in the past, today, and into the future!

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If I may also add, we don't have ads, no popup ads, no google tracking, no click baits like all the other woodworking forums do, we do not generate income from anything other than our sponsors annual dues and your contributions during this fundraiser. All your help is greatly appreciated!


I have vowed to keep ads off of our community forums, our community will die before I put those irritating ads up, it just seems so cheap to see pop ups, side bars full of advertising for Ford Trucks and vacations, nothing against Ford trucks, but if you are navigating a woodworking forum, why should you see an ad for a Ford Truck or Chevy, or for a pharmaceutical ?


Our community is completely grass roots, and we hope you all support us. Thank you :)

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Patriot Woodworkers and guests alike, you all have pushed us over the top of our goal, we cannot thank you enough for helping us secure our future on the World Wide Web as we serve you what I believe is one classy forum experience! 

Thank you so much, all of you are greatly appreciated, I wish we could award everyone who contributed something for your generosity, please know we are always grateful, and we'll never take your kindness for granted, thank you very much all for your support!

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On 7/30/2022 at 10:23 PM, John Morris said:

 I wish we could award everyone who contributed something for your generosity, please know we are always grateful, and we'll never take your kindness for granted, thank you very much all for your support!

We have all gotten an award !  "THE FORUMS"

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