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June 1 and it's 95° in the shade on the back deck!



Our Patriot Turners-

@RustyFN let us in on a new finish he is trying-



Several members expressed interest in more information.


@Gerald added a post in the "Finishing Forum" that expanded on some of the ideas from what Rusty posted-




What’s Coming Up-

Pretty much caught up on all that is happening.

This is the first time since Covid started that the AAW is having an in person symposium. 






For The Newbies-

@Gerald added an interesting comment to last week's "Wednesday's..." concerning the types of screws used for fastening faceplates and faceplate rings to a turning.


My favorite mounting procedure is similar but using the transparent device. Also, for marking the holes, I found that a #3   Vix-Bit drill center fits perfectly in the mounting holes of all of the Easy Wood Tools faceplates and rings.







Mostly I use a oval head screw, as they have a little more "meat" around the drive slots. 



For smaller turnings, I may use a flathead screw




Mike Peace has a nice video on bowl gouge sharpening-



I've seen some nice instructional videos from Jim Echter. Unfortunately, these short videos aren't on YouTube. If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, you can watch them there. Here's the Instagram link- 

https://www.instagram.com/jim_echter/channel/?hl=en   and a link to his website- https://tcturning.com/




Expand Your Horizons-

Tim Yoder posted a video on making a turned bird feeder. In the video, he demonstrates his ELBO 2 hollowing ring.



One more from Alan Stratton on goblets. Several interesting jigs for us "jig junkies"-




New Turning Items-

Couldn't find anything interesting this week. Hopefully, there will be some new products shown at the AAW Symposium in a couple of weeks! 




Everything Else-

Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week-



I've been using up some scrap white oak cutoffs to make some simple platters. All of my large shop make holders were designed around my old 14" Delta lathe. The new Jet is 16" and now I need some way to hold the pieces for reverse chucking. I could go the vacuum chuck route, but I'm "frugal to a fault".


I love my Easy Wood Tools Cole jaws. Seemed a fairly simple task to make a set of extensions. 



Not quite perfect, but they work! The holders are from the smaller jigs I had. 









If I weren't so stubborn, this platter should have gone into the trash. The defect wasn't nearly as noticeable until most of the material was removed. as I tried to get into more solid wood, the bottom got really thin and weak- especially where the oak was soft. Added CA and some Alumilite resin to reinforce the weak area but was not enough. I have an idea on rescuing it but need to allow the finish to dry and harden before attempting it.



Safe turning


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Thanks Lew.  I like the Vix-bit idea.  I have a piece of 1" all thread I sharpened on the metal lathe I use to set the center on a face plate.  Once I find center I set the point in it and wind the face plate down until it settles and mark the holes from there.


Tim Yoder's bird feeder looks interesting too.

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