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Coming up on the middle of May already!



Our Patriot Turners-

@Gerald gave us a peek at a couple of bowls he has finished. Gorgeous wood and designs.



Check out his post for more images and descriptions of what he has done




What’s Coming Up-

Several turning events and IRD's. Click on the images for the links to registration/information.












For The Newbies-

Looking for something new to try? Check out this neat idea for holding a mirror, turned by Jennifer Shirley-



Before starting a turning, it is often wise to consider what type finish it will have. In this video, Sam Angelo discusses his thoughts on the subject. 




Expand Your Horizons-

Most of the time turners do a lot wood prepping to prevent a turning from warping. In this video, Alan Stratton experiments with green wood to see the results of warping-



New Turning Items-

The lid is off the secret! New Easy Wood Tools products are now available and shipping!! Thanks @Jim from Easy Wood Tools!!!





Here's the link to the Easy Wood Tools site for ordering-



This video shows Carl Jacobson turning a bowl, using the new rings.



These are the quality you would expect from Easy Wood Tools. VERY heavy, lots of mounting holes, absolutely now slippage between the chuck and ring and no runout on either the side or face of the rings.


This is a PDF of the announcement-

New Public Product Announcement May 2022.pdf



From Ultra-Shear, a new pen mandrel



Click on the image for more information.



Woodturners Wonders is running a sale on CBN Hones






Everything Else-

Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week-




Safe turning

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16 hours ago, HandyDan said:

That pen mandrel is quite the setup.  Now someone needs to do something about all the different bushings.  Fortunately I have a hobby lathe and make them when I don't have the right size.

Just a thought on this is to make on wood lathe with Delrin or Aluminum

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