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Starting into another month already. This is April and taxes are due in a little over a week. Hope our turners post their new tools purchased with those gigantic refunds!



Our Patriot Turners-

@Reese Aukee showed us some more of those cute little hedgehogs she turns. 



Reese received lots of positive comments and some questions about her turnings. Check out her post-



@Gerald posted a comment in our sub-forum for Ring Master Turning. 





We have an ongoing thread in our woodturners forum discussing how we decide what to make from a chunk of wood. @Gerald suggested this topic and we have had several entries. Please take some time to see the thought processes (or lack thereof :D) when trying to decide what to make. We look forward to seeing your turnings and how they came to be.




If you are into turning miniatures, @kmealy showed us a neat portable lathe.



He received lots of comments! ¹



What’s Coming Up-

Click on the images for links to registration and more information-







Cindy Drozda has been offering both paid and free online presentations. If you would like to receive notifications of her events, check out this link-




For The Newbies-

A hodgepodge of videos to help us be more knowledgeable as beginning turners-


Have some wood from a downed tree? Ashley Harwood has a few tips on helping prevent logs from cracking-



Of course you need to first get that tree cut into manageable chunks. Here Lyle Jamieson and Sam Angelo have some tips on using the chainsaw-




In combination with a chainsaw, the bandsaw can be used to create turning blanks. Robo Hippy's informative video gives us lots of pointers-




Expand Your Horizons-

Once you get that tree log into a manageable blank, you can create a beautiful natural edge bowl. Lyle Jamieson shows us how.



If a natural edge bowl doesn't thrill you, here, Kent Weakley shows us how to turn a "magnetic" paper clip bowl!




With Easter coming up fast, a cool turning from Alan Stratton on turning the perfect egg-



What is a Kuksa? And How to Turn One? Mike Peace does some turning, carving and shaping!



Basket weave illusion bowls are quite popular. Carl Jacobson turned something a little more shapely using the basket weave process.




New Turning Items-

For the pen turners, Craft Supplies USA has a new pen kit- Hobble Creek Craftsman King's Camo Bolt Action Pen Blank


Click on the image for the link to more information



Everything Else-

Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week-


Safe turning


¹ Only available on April 1st.



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