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Our Patriot turners have been busy in their shops this week with a wide range of project!



Our Patriot Turners-

@Steve Krumanaker accepted his club president's challenge for making gnomes or "gonks".



Steve received lots of comments and questions. Please check out his post for more images and ideas-


Steve also showed us a new toy he bought. I have to say, I'm kinda partial to this one myself



Sooner or later it happens to all of us. @Gerald was turning a bowl and disaster struck. 



But undaunted, Gerald pressed on and salvaged what otherwise would have been firewood. Check out what he did and the end results at-



New member @Reese Aukee posted some of her awesome turnings. Reese is new to turning but it looks like she is a natural and a real eye for creativity!!




She shared more of her work here-



@Ron Altier is finally getting back into the shop after a brief hiatus as caregiver. As for most of us, woodturning is our relaxation and meditation-


All did not goes as planned for Ron. As often happens, "the best laid plans of mice and men..."



This post by @Headhunter reminded me that we really haven't promoted our "Ringmaster Sub-Forum" very often.




Check out this post for some fantastic creations!


Here is the link to the Ringmaster sub-forum-




What’s Coming Up-

Click on the images for the links to registration and more information-


From the AAW-



From a social media post by Rebecca DeGroot-




For The Newbies-

From Carl Jacobson, a video covering some tools that make turning easier-



Turning a thin walled bowl has a bit of a learning curve but they are beautiful and elegant. However, thin walled bowls are rather fragile and may not be suitable for utilitarian use. Here, Kent from Turn A Wood Bowl, demonstrates how to have to  the best of both worlds.




Mike Peace shows us we don't need a chainsaw or a chunk of log to make a bowl-



Expand Your Horizons-

Some turning, some carving and a lot of sanding when Tim Yoder tackles a Manzanita root-



This one's for @Ron Altier. Ron turns crochet hooks for his Mrs. This video, from Alan Stratton, shows how to turn quilting tools. 



New Turning Items-

Woodturners wonders have their Lathe Track System on sale.



Check it out at- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/lathe-track


Mentioned this before. Ruth Niles sold her business to Carl and Robin Jacobson. Ruth is holding a clearance sale to avoid having to ship a lot of stock from Pennsylvania to Oregon.


Here are some examples of the savings available-



Click on the image for the link to more sale items. The sale ends April 3!!!



Everything Else-

Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week-




Cherry burl/wood platter from a piece of wood I got at the Nittany Woodturners Club meeting a while back-




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