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Beautiful day today, 67° and sunny. Tomorrow, winter weather advisory. Ahh, spring time in PA.



Our Patriot Turners-

@BillyJack asked our members for input on some turning tools. Several gave their recommendations on what he might consider.

I hope he posts the tools he gets so we can all drool over his choices!



@Gerald gave us a look at some of the turnings that were done at the last club meeting.




Gerald posted several more images of turnings that were done during the demonstration.

Gerald said their guest demonstrator was Matt Monaco. If you do Instagram, here's a link to Mr. Monaco's page-




Gerald also posted some images, in response to some thoughts from last week's "Wednesday's...", showing some of the embellishments he has done using various tools.





See this post for more pictures-


I appreciate Gerald's willingness to share his knowledge with all of our turners.



What’s Coming Up-

Click on the images for links and more information.


From the AAW-




From Lyle Jamieson




From Cindy Drozda- Not sure if you need a Facebook account to view this presentation-





For The Newbies-

From the AAW, a short video on sharpening-



Mike Peace continues his series on lathe drilling. This video discusses drill bit selection-




Expand Your Horizons-

Cindy Drozda is asking for input on IRD content. She has developed an anonymous online questionnaire. Maybe you could help her by responding. Here's the link-




Cindy also uploaded a video of the equipment she uses to do her IRD's and training videos. If you have thought about getting into this area, maybe her experiences might be helpful- 



 Alan Stratton finishes up his series on the eccentric chuck and turnings with a video on making his chuck.



Carl Jacobson turns a vase with an off-centered lid-




New Turning Items-

From Ruth Niles' latest newsletter-



Click on the image for ordering.



From the folks at Woodturners Wonders-



FREE Shipping!





Everything Else-

Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week-




No turning for me this week. As the old saying goes- "No good deed goes unpunished". One of those-"if we supply the lumber will you donate your time".


A little Free Library for the local state park-



Just getting to the roof when the spring pin, in the table saw trunnion worm gear, decided to fall out. Of course everything had to fall down into the dust collector hose. It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood...


Safe turning 

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