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My old reliable PC router is on it's last legs.

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Gene I have been using the Makita 3612’s since the late 80’s and they are great work horses. At 3 1/4 HP they are not light but a great tool. I still have a bunch left over from the big shop days where we would set them up for specific purposes and just leave them set up. They have sold millions of those things so they show up on CL or eBay all the time. 

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I purchased the Ridgid 1-1/2 HP router a few yrs ago for $37.00 at an estate sale.  I am not a fan of the on/off switch located on the top and mine is difficult to switch out bits.  The owners manual reads "Depress the motor release lever and move the base to provide clear access to the collet nut. It is not necessary to remove the base".  It is very difficult to remove the outer base on mine and there is limited access for a wrench if you do not remove it.  I find adjusting the cutting depth very easy and does not get readjusted when locking the outer base.  If I was looking for another one, I would look at the Dewalt or Ridgid corded.  A nice feature the cordless routers have is a brake.  But, not worth the battery issues you will have in latter yrs.   I have a Dewalt DW621 2 hp plunge router which I enjoy using.


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