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Look on the bright side- only 8 more weeks until spring!




Our Patriot Turners-

@Masonsailor took a break from his media room ceiling to turn a sweet carver's mallet-



In his post, Paul tells us the species and a little more about this turning-



@RustyFN created a beautifully shaped bowl from spalted maple-



Rusty said it still needed sanding. It sure is pretty even without it!



What’s Coming Up-

Don't forget the Worldwide Woodturners On-Line Symposium is coming up next week!




I received an email today from Craft Supplies USA that they are offering a $10. off coupon for the event-




Picked this off of my Instagram account from Stuart Batty-



In response to popular request, here’s my schedule for the first half of 2022. My classes are getting filled up quickly but reach out if you’re interested in any particular time/location.

~ Houston, TX: January 18-22

~ @Woodturners_Worldwide: January 27-30
If you haven’t already gotten your tickets, use the code “stuart” for $10 discount. Featuring 35 demonstrations representing 9 countries. 80 hours of content. 30 days to watch. $2.25/demo.

~ @WoodworkersEmporium: Feb 28 – Mar 4

~ @CraftSuppliesUSA: May 9-13

~ San Diego, CA & Finger Lakes, NY: Dates TBD

~ A few IRDs and private classes.

And I’m planning to be at the AAW symposium this year, so catch me there.

If you haven’t already watched my free online instructions, be sure to check out https://vimeo.com/woodturning (link in bio). These videos are professionally shot so much higher quality than the ones on YouTube that are usually recorded by volunteers at my demos.

I’m working on building a high-tech recording studio from scratch. I’m hoping to start releasing more high-quality instructions videos later this year. Looking forward to updating everyone on this project in the next few months in between my classes and demos.

Resuming the SB Tools production is in planning. With the global disruption of the supply chain, lots of kinks to work out. In the meantime, check out @WoodworkersEmporium for any SB Tools inventory if you’re interested.


If you do Instagram- here is a link- https://www.instagram.com/stuartbattywoodturning/



For The Newbies-

Here's a nice little project to get started in bowl turning. Something everyone could probably use-



If a bowl isn't quite what you are up to, watch Jim Rodgers explain how to create a platter. Some really great turning tips!




Expand Your Horizons-

It seem that more and more electronic devices are finding their way into wood turning. Personal lasers are becoming common place for embellishing and signatures. Now I see that Alan Stratton is making available some 3-D printed items in his Etsy store. 




Although, not strictly turning related, there has been an informative discussion in the General Woodworking Forum concerning dust collection. @Gerald initiated the thread and @PeteM added some great technical date. Check it out-


On the dust collection topic, here is some good information from Robo Hippy




New Turning Items-

Some sale packages from the folks at Woodturners Wonders-

(Click on the image for the link to the sales page)




Ruth Niles has the new unique turning blanks in stock-



Click on the above image for the link to Ruth's site.



We mentioned this sometime back but it is definitely worth another look-



Here's the link to Lyle Jamieson's site for prices and purchase information-





Everything Else-

Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week-




I have been playing with my laser engraver. Finally was able to understand how the software works with help from a very knowledgeable gentleman in the software user's group. I found engraving signatures/dates on most items is pretty straight forward but rolling pins presented a challenge. I sign the rolling pins on one end. This needs the pin to be held vertically, be secure yet adjustable for focus. 





Started with a built up block and bored/turned a tapered hole




The rolling pins are tapered so to hold them in place a couple of nylon screws to add pressure



To allow for focus, the block had to adjust vertically, a couple of brackets with slots, wingnuts and washers



I'm using my drill press table as a work surface, the addition of clamping pads to hold the jig to the  to the table.


First try on a rolling pin-





I did get back to the lathe, too! When I did the Easy Wood Tools promotion at the Nittany Woodturners, they raffled off various items. I picked up a piece of black cherry burl and it has been taunting me ever since. Decided it would become a shallow bowl/platter.  There is a void that I am not sure if I want to leave natural or fill with resin.


This will be the top-




The bottom-



The void-





Safe turning and stay well


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