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Another turning question from a non-turner

Fred W. Hargis Jr

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My current putzing around project with the lathe is to make a handle for a lathe chisel (parting tool, to be specific). So the shank of the chisel is 1/2" and so is (presumably) my hole for it. The chisel is a sort of slip-fit, it slides in without undue pressure and I have a collar for it once finished (1/2 of a 3/4" copper union). The collar will be a very tight fit, but I'm wondering about how tight the shank should fit in the hole. Maybe you're supposed to put a little epoxy on it when inserted??? Or do i need to try and get a tighter fit?

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I had a bad catch on an Easy Wood Tool mini hollower and broke the handle. Just for my own curiosity, I disassembled what was left to see how they were made. The copper ferrule had a pin from the outside thru the handle and the shaft of the tool. I don't remember if there was epoxy involved as well but it couldn't hurt anything unless you were planning to disassemble the tool later. This is what the EWT unhandled tools look like


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This is a Thompson parting tool, and while I have his handle for it this is more about me trying to learn to do things on a lathe. It's unlikely I would be able to drill a useful hole for a pin through his steel, though that sounds like a good way to do things. I like Dan's idea of a split in the end. But I'll probably use epoxy (if the rest of the handle turns out to be usable, the shape and whatnot.) Thanks guys!

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