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Got the yard mowed just in time! Quick 1/4" of rain.  Been hot and humid here for the past week. 



Our Patriot Turners-

@forty_caliber has added a vacuum chuck to his turning arsenal. He received lots of comments about using it from our members-



Included in this thread is one of the bowls he made, using the chuck. Check out the way he filled the void in the bowl-


Forty also post in the Patriots regular "What's On Your Weekend Agenda" forum about his new coring system for getting the most from a bowl blank-



You can read his update and see more images at-




@Fred W. Hargis Jr continued work on the pepper grinder he started last week. Fred posted images of the finished prototype and then showed us the final product. It turned out so nice, Fred says he may just make more!





@HandyDan turned a beautiful cherry bowl for his sister. I was really taken by the shape. 



In his post, Dan tells us how he made the blank and did the finish.



What’s Coming Up-

Cindy Drozda is having Mushroom Box Demo



Click on the image for the link to registration and more information.



Don't forget, this weekend is the S.W.A.T. Convention in Waco, TX.





For The Newbies-

A couple of videos for making turning accessories.

From Mike Peace, on making and using mandrels-



And Sam Angelo on making and using threaded drive blocks-




Expand Your Horizons-

Here's a really neat project called a "change box", from Carl Jacobson



Last week we mentioned videos from Jim Rodgers on making open segment turnings. Here is #3 in the video series-




New Turning Items-

I expect there will be new turning items being shown at S.W.A.T. We will see what we can spend out lunch money on, soon!



Everything Else-

Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week-



Finished up the #3 of 4 box elder bowls. I have to thank @HandyDan for the idea on the rim. I liked the bowl he made for his sister. #4 just came out of the drying box, maybe get that one finished this week. Used the Yorkshire Grit and the Hampshire Sheen as the finish on this one, too. Still have to remove some excess lodged in the worm holes.









Safe turning and stay well



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Nice thread this week.  I like your bowls and glad to be an inspiration.  I see you put a burn mark at the lower edge.  I do that sometimes too.  It can be a real pain to sand that edge.  I go for a really clean cut there but fail miserably at times.


The mandrel and threaded drive block videos are well worth the watch.  I've done it many times to solve various problems I have run into. 



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