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Larry Buskirk

Friday July 30th 2021-What's on Your Weekend Agenda?

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Hey guys this is not hear say I 'm talking about when using PVC sch 40. This has been with me in all my building things in three different towns since about 1960 something but the weather has mostly all been the same. And we have had three different cabins on 3 different lakes using pvc sch 40

  We moved here is the middle of 1998 and by 1999 had moved the dock from across the lake to this lot and the first thing I did was drop a submergible pump off the side of the dock and ran PVC on both sides of the walkway to the pump and the other small pvc is going to the electrical lift and lights.  I know this area of Texas is probably not as hot as where you all live but today its 98 right now and this is what we deal with all summer long.

 Gene you said you get very short time using PVC but I have been talking about burried pipe in the past but none of this pipe in these pictures840335792_IMG_20210731_190513348PVCoutintheopensince1999.jpg.864fe03683b00bd77506f06eb87303c7.jpg1442563665_IMG_20210731_190540747anothershotofPVCoutintheopensince1999.jpg.b8007b043f02f60330f20825a13b4e27.jpg1335372606_IMG_20210731_190631340morepvcoutintheopennotcoveredupsince1999.jpg.32d251ee423703bb54b9701d047b985e.jpg has ever given me any problems and has always been out in the open..The crook on this side of the large tank was to the first little pressure tank. It rusted out so I then took the 250 gallon or larger propane tank from the other lot to use for a pressure tank and I just left the crook in the 1 1/4" pipe and went from there hooking up the water lines. I do cut the pump off in the winter and drain the water out but hey its still out in the open..... 

 I ran 1 1/2" pvc sch 40 under the entire 4 acres of the go-cart track and the mini golf is sitting on and I installed it before 1984 for that is when we open the track and I talk to the guy who bought me out often and he says all the under ground pvc have never needed any repair.

   So this seems real strange I hear all kinds of weird tales from the Patriot Wood workers crew.

The pvc I installed under ground here on the 1 acre I use for air lines anytime I come out of the ground with the pipe I change over to 3/4"galvanized pipe on all the ends going under and coming out also and there is a quick coupler on all those pipes

  I learned a lot while building the amusement thingy and that was to be prepared in all areas of that 4 acres. I had three water wells and they were all connected together. One compressor supplied 4 building and they were on all corners of the 4 acres...and yep I used PVC sch 40 every where.

  I did hear people would put a coat of paint on their pvc if it was about ground but I never got around to it....


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