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1 hour ago, AndrewB said:

If youre eventually planning on turning bowls and what not it might be a wise idea to make the investment early into a set of cole jaws they are fairly in expensive.  I've actually got a couple sets of them and well worth having.   Especially when it comes to turning bowls.


I've got a 12" Ron Brown longworth chuck on the way.  My el-cheapo PSI Barracuda 2 chuck doesn't have an option for cole jaws to the best of my knowledge.


When the time comes, I'll want to invest in a top of the line chuck system.  I wan't to make sure it's something I'll stick with long term.  Oneway, Easy, or Vickmarc are on my bucket list.  As I learn more I can make more educated decisions.


I've got a lot of learning to do yet.  I had a heck of a time working with the bowl gouges and ended up using carbide for most of this project. 




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Like Dan I had a Barracuda 4 , I think, and it has Cole jaws. That said I prefer the Longworth between the two. And getting down to brass tacks you cannot beat a vacum chuck. Take a look at Frugal Vacuum Pump-Home https://www.frugalvacuumchuck.com/   He builds a great kit at a very reasonable price. After all is said and done saves a lot of headache from flying bowls.


What ever you do use no high speeds and no big cuts. light cuts taken slowly are the order of the day even while the tailstock is up .

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Here is a trick I use when I am not happy with glue lines.  Burn a ring right on the line.  Makes a decorative accent and gives a transition that looks good.


As I am one handed / armed I made this tool for the job.  Will accept any size wire up to 12 gauge.




Results of test run after I was done.



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