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sewing room cabinet

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Al its great to see you starting on a project. When I first saw the title of this post I was thinking that scroll saw was fixin to get a work out. But then I thought of what I made for wife's sewing room and there was not much room for any scroll sawing. So anyway if you need something to scroll I have all the pictures of things I have made for the past 20 years or more and I'll be happy to send you something to play with or any one else and I would also offer bland advise if asked.


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Going to be a little delay in the sewing machine room cabinet. Went to the shop today and while setting up to rout box joints on my router I used a piece of scrap for the set up. The wood shattered while routing, doing a bit of a job to my middle finger on my right hand. Nothing serious, but being on Eliquis, I wasn't able to stop the bleeding.  After 3 hours I ended up in the emergency room where they determined I didn't need stitches, but they glued everything together.

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