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Ralph Jones (Rest In Peace)

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RIP Ralph, we will miss you.


My recollection - I always followed Ralph's quizzes on the Wood forum and his answers to questions he might answer.  Some few years back the wife had a business trip to spend several days in Columbus.  I was planning to tag along as I had never been there.  I contacted Ralph and arranged to meet him one morning in London  so that we would visit and talk wood.  It was much more than that, I don't know if anyone could simply "visit" with Ralph while he was on his feet!  I met up with him at his school and workshop where he was teaching the trade to some young folks.  The school occupied a portion of an old building in London, OH - but the best part of it was that he had the whole second floor.  On the second floor he had a huge circular rotating stage platform that he used, and maybe even performed on?, the old TV series Hee Haw.  From there we jumped in his pick up and he gave me a tour of the historic homes and downtown of London.  He was certainly proud of his furniture and school; but as we toured the area Ralph would point out the work he had done on many, if not most, of those fine old homes.  Pointing out mouldings, and trims and porches and doors & windows that he had done custom work on to match the other period pieces on the homes.  And then we had lunch.  We had driven by the county courthouse on the tour and I had remarked that I would like to see it.  During lunch he told me to drop his name if I was planning to go over to the courthouse.  I did, and I did.  At the clerk's office I simply introduced myself as a visitor to London and that I have an interest in seeing old courthouses and that I was in town to visit with Ralph Jones with whom I had just spent the morning.  Oh, we know Ralph!  And I got the grand tour of the whole building.  Quite honestly, one of the - if not the nicest county courthouses I've had the opportunity to visit - and I've done 100 or so.


I wanted to get back and visit Ralph again.  Our son moved to Columbus a couple years ago and I've been up - but each of those trips were rather packed and I didn't take the time to go back out to London.  My loss, and I certainly regret not having done so.  But I sure have a great memory of the trip out I did make.

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