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A while ago, I found a FB group on remodeling.   Under the covers it appears to be a Milwaukee tool fan club.  


Some of these guys have definitely been drinking the red Kool-Aid.  The back of their vans are a sea of Milwaukee tools, Pack-out boxes, Milwaukee extension cords, gloves, hats, radios, etc.  I'm wondering what happened to the tools they bought 10 years ago?  And I thought that phenomenon was only for Festool

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2 hours ago, kmealy said:

Not sure when it happened, but Milwaukee is part of TTI.  Same company owns Ridgid and Ryobi.



Wow, that was an eye opener. Very few original manufacturers still in business on their own.

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Wikipedia has quite a bit written about Milwaukee Tools.   The few samples that were passed to me by my father are of the pre-1986 vintage and are truly heavy-duty USA made monsters.   As an example the router is 2HP and weighs in around 20 pounds.  Better be holding on to it when powering it up, the torque will try to twist it out of your hands.  


Ownership history

1924: The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation was established by A. F. Siebert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

1975: Sold to Amstar.[7]

1986: Sold to Merrill Lynch.

1995: Sold to Atlas Copco.[8][9]

2005: Techtronic Industries.[10]


The ones sold today are simply not comparative in quality.  Much like comparing a Detroit built Buick to a plastic Prius.




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