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Woodturning clubs

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18 minutes ago, AndrewB said:

Currently a member of the local club here but I can't say that I've ever even attended one meeting.  I didn't even do that with the NWBA.


You should.  I believe you would be pleasantly surprised at what you could learn if you went with a mind set to do so.

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1 hour ago, Steve Krumanaker said:


Larry, I drive right at 40 mile to attend our club's meetings and I know there are members who drive further. It's more than worth the drive to me.

There are a few people that drive 50 to 100 miles to come to the one I go to every Tuesday.

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34 minutes ago, Gunny said:



Two weeks from anywhere and you are surprised???? 


Only thing that surprised me was that is was within 100 miles..  :throbbinghead:




Actually I was a bit surprised there is nothing closer, I'm located between Milwaukee, and Chicago.

There used to be one in Racine Co. but they lost their building a couple years ago. :(

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Our club starts meeting next month with a picnic. May we have Janice Levi doing pyrography and hoping to be able to zoom that one in addition to live presence. @AndrewB the thing about IRDs is you can ask questions and get answers now on the demo and if not demo related you can get answers either before or after depending on the agenda. The other downside of IRD is I do the video work.

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