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I've got a really good start on this project so far.  I've just now started to drill out the holes in the main body.   @Gerald the 4x4s worked like a trick but a pain to trim down to the correct size.   I got this one decently lined up for the small mill grinder shaft so we shall see where this goes.  I've got 3 other kits on order I just wish you could order the grinder mechanism separately from the hole 14 dollar kit.









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I just took a look at that one @lew... I'm not exactly sure those will work.  I'm using a specific one... This is the one that I've ordered




From woodcraft.  I think they use a specific size I'll have to do some digging and or give them a call and see if they sell the grinder mechanism separately that mates that particular project kit.

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Nice I may just have to order from them next time the Wood Craft ones are way over priced....  14 something bucks for one but they do give you a set of three sizes to choose from at least.  But yea I think I'll order some from Craft Supplies. For a set of 3 kit parts its 30 bucks yea woodcraft is the more expensive brand I will go with these guys from now on.

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