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Friday February 26th 2021-What's on Your Weekend Agenda?

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:ChinScratch:...Another month almost done. :blink: Seems like it was a lot longer month! <_<


:huh:...Here "Two Weeks From Anywhere" we're going into the "Big Thaw" :TwoThumbsUp:...:Praise:...


:ChinScratch:...So What's on Your Weekend Agenda? :WonderScratch: Mine? :CoveringEyes:...Working on passing a Kidney Stone. :Tapping:...:PullingHair:...:BangingHead:

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Welp I can say at least I got most of the stuff done this weekend.  Got my 4x4 thats going to be interesting to turn.  I'm kind of wishing I had the delta lathe extension.  Cleaned up some stuff off my lathe bench where I installed my bench top grinder AND wolverine jig system.   It was stupid easy to install.  3 screws make sure it fits just under the bench grinder wheels.  Got it all lined up with the grinder and good to go and locked down.  So sharpening system is right next to the lathe now.  So I pretty much covered my weekend stuff that I wanted to get done.









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