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I'm not one to waste money on exotic wood, but

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I agree they are nasty trees. Here in the desert in LV they are everywhere. I live in a cul-de-sac with four homes and there are between 75-100 palm trees on four lots. I have 24 on my lot alone. They are really expensive to maintain which was a little fact I didn't know about when we bought the place. Its about $75 per tree per year and if you don't have them trimmed its an awful mess. Our species of palm form hundreds of these nasty little black berries about the size of a small olive. If you don't get them trimmed they ripen, fall from the tree, and make a horrid mess everywhere. The first year we lived here we got the bid from the guy who does all the trees in our cul-de-sac and figured we would just let it go and see what happens. All three of my neighbors warned us but we let them go. The berries were everywhere. On the roof, the sidewalk and the pool was a disaster. Then, right about the time the berries start falling the pigeons arrived. A whole flock of them. So now we had bird poop mixed with berries. There is actually a guy here in Vegas who specializes in cleaning up pigeon crap.. They had to power wash the roof of the house and everything else. Then as a final addition to the mounting cost the darn pigeons decided to stay and nest under the solar panels so now the pigeon  poop guy tells me the only solution is the have the solar array completely encased in wire cages which he was happy to do for an additional $1500. Needless to say we now pay the guy to trim the trees every year !



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