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At last, a little sun shine


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Sorry Jess - no warranty expressed or implied!:throbbinghead:

What we hear on the news now is that you are going to be needing a mortgage on the house to pay your next electric bill!  A guy they interviewed said his last months bill was about $50 and his new bill was like $3500! :JawDrop: And for folks with auto-pay... their bank accounts just got drained :o

But I hear that it's nice in Cancun at this time of the year...

Hoping the best for you.  Glad that your water is back up to what it should be.  Are you still having to boil your drinking water?

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I think the boil water thing is on till someone says otherwise...reminds me of watching some bloopers where this guy was flipping meat patties as he was cooking them on the grill and one hit the floor. He reached down and picked it up and politely laid it on the bun as if nothing happened...so peeing in the water as they are getting it ready to go out the the folks might be the reason for the boiling???? I'm not sure if my whole house filter system covers that in the descriptions on the label though??


Don't know how the guy got the electric bill in the middle of the month but maybe they had him on daily pay for the strangest reasons.!!


Hard to comment on politicians doing stupid things for that is what is wrong with our country from day one...as soon as they are elected they have access to all the recorded corruption that has occurred since 1776 so they can continue the trend..makes it easier to pick and choose the easiest paths.


Any elected office should have a one year hitch serving the people and not one day more... I'll say no more????? 


Did you find the Texas Country Reporter with Bob Phillips...This is the one thing coming out of Texas worth mentioning...

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