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2 minutes ago, RustyFN said:

I have been watching videos on the three main ones and the Mcnaughton looks like the most difficult to use.


I bought it when I was turning a lot of fairly large bowls. Watched every video I could find. Committed myself to learning to use it, several times actually. The last time I tried I had such a severe catch I bent one of the knives. Generally, the times I didn't get a catch I ruined the largest bowl by going to thin.  Like I said, I've just never figured it out. Mike Mahoney makes it look so easy but for me it is not.

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Lots of stuff about these on the AAW Forum. Apparently the McNaughton is the hardest to learn and that is what MaHoney uses I think. OneWay and Woodcut are two of the easier. Hunter has come out with a new attachment to use his cutters on a coring system but not sure what it fits. Any system takes patience as forcing it will only cause problems.


Now to other issues. From what I have read I think 2 hp or above is preferred but can get by with 1.5hp. If you have a mini lathe I would not think you would be happy with it and then coring a 11 inch bowl (about the largest you can get on a 12 inch lathe) will not give you more than maybe two nice bowls and if you are good a finger bowl.


I suggest a lot more research before committing to it. Look at some other forums such as Sawmill Creek and AAW with lots more traffic as this is something maybe 1 in 100 turners have used.

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