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Friday February 5th 2021-What's on Your Weekend Agenda?

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Friday again folks. :ChinScratch:

Not much going on around here, not to fun working in mid teen daytime temps. :wacko:


So...What's on your weekend agenda? :WonderScratch:


Me? :huh:

:ChinScratch:...I think since we're going to have a week of this mid teen weather, I might just go hibernate. :wacko:

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Still working on those NOCTI Micro Credentials.


A friend is dropping off a laptop that died. Not sure if I can pull a Lazarus trick- PLEASE don't use your laptops while they are setting on blankets, couches or other soft surfaces that may block the air flow. As your laptop ages, dust collects inside on the fan and heat sinks which reduces the efficiency of the cooling designs. Then adding a partially/fully blocked airflow ports with soft materials and you have the recipe for melted solder joints.

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